E Learning Sessions

Training Solutions for the Homeless Sector

Shelter Net BC’s E Learning sessions have been designed to be user-friendly and compatible with common, workplace computer software.  Each E Learning session is self-directed to better accommodate the varying needs of our members.  This feature allows you to move through the material at your own pace and convenience.

It is our hope that these trainings will be more readily accessible for homeless service providers in remote communities across BC through these E Learning opportunities.  If you have already had the opportunity to complete the training in-person, the E Learning version is an excellent refresher of the main themes and skills.   These E Learning sessions, however, are not intended as replacements for the in-person trainings as there are valuable aspects of these sessions that cannot be replicated in an online format.   Past participants’ verbal and written evaluations have praised the advantages of the facilitator-guided trainings.  The opportunities to network, examine specific challenges and strategies to address them, dynamic group discussions and a sense of reduced isolation in their positions are some examples of the feedback given.

Although these E Learning sessions have been developed as stand-alone sessions, we would like to encourage you to start with the case planning training if you have limited work experience in this industry or have never completed this training.   The Healthy Workplace Boundaries, Motivational Interviewing and Problem Solving and Decision Making  training sessions complement this core training.  It is important to us that you find these workshops useful, relevant and beneficial to your development in your employment position.  After completing these workshops please feel free to send us your feedback on your virtual training experience.

If you are interested in attending some of our in-person trainings you can view the schedule of sessions in your area on our training schedule page.


How to Access our E Learning Training:

1. Only member organizations will have access to our E Learning training.  If you know that your organization is a member please contact your manager for the Username and Password to access the training.  If your organization does not yet have a password please contact the SNBC Office to activate your account at info@shelternetbc.com or 604-568-3373.

2. When you have the Username and Password ready, click here to go to our login area or click on the “Log In” Button on the top right corner of this website.

Training Descriptions:

1. Case Planning: 

Front line staff and outreach workers are often the first point of contact for individuals in need of emergency housing and related supportive services.  Case Planning training can help service providers work more effectively with clients by developing a skill set that can help them identify and prioritize their client`s needs.  Shelter Net BC`s Case Planning training provides participants with an overview of the case planning process and case planning tools.

2. Healthy Workplace Boundaries

As a participant in this training you will:

3. Motivational Interviewing

As a participant in this training you will:

4. Problem Solving and Decision Making

As a participant in this training you will: