Training Solutions for the Homeless Sector

Problematic Hospital Referrals in the Shelter Sector

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Since January 2013 the Greater Vancouver Shelter Strategy (GVSS) in partnership with Shelter Net BC (SNBC) has been meeting with shelter providers, province-wide, to discuss problematic hospital referrals to the shelter sector.


Shelter providers have expressed that they often feel “dumped-on” by hospitals when they are receiving referrals. Shelter providers, throughout the province for more than 10 years, have articulated this narrative.  The situation has become particularly grave over the last 3 years as the number of hospital referrals to the shelter sector has increased during this period.  In response, the shelter sector has engaged in monthly discussions to identify specific problems and possible solutions. Click here to continue reading…

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HIFIS and the IT Needs of the Shelter Sector 

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Shelter Net BC[1] (SNBC) in partnership with Lookout Emergency Aid Society[2] (Lookout Society) conducted research into British Columbia’s shelter sector data collection needs during the spring and summer of 2013.  Lookout Society is the provincial coordinator for the Homeless Individuals and Families Information System[3] (HIFIS). HIFIS is a case management software tool developed by the federal government for homeless service providers to use, nation-wide.  The majority of homeless service providers throughout Canada are HIFIS users while only a handful of service providers in British Columbia use HIFIS software.  According to the National Homeless Information System (2013) HIFIS is a free, user-driven case management tool that enables service providers to manage their operations and collect information about the populations they serve (p. 1).  Click here to continue reading…

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[1]Shelter Net BC is referred to as “SNBC” throughout this focus paper.

[2] Lookout Emergency Services Society is referred to as “Lookout Society” throughout this focus paper.