Benefits of SNBC Membership

Shelter Net BC Society (SNBC) is a provincial, non-profit, member-driven organization that provides training, research and capacity building to the homeless sector.

Full memberships are available to full-time shelter providers for an annual fee of $285. Associate memberships are available to non-profit agencies that provide supportive services but are not full-time shelter providers. Associate memberships also cost $285 per year. Full Members are granted voting rights while Associate Memberships are not.

SNBC Member and Associate Member agencies can register staff for SNBC workshops and webinars at no additional cost. Members and Associate Members can also access SNBC’s Members-Only e-Learning page and can participate in teleconferences and research initiatives. Non-members can attend training and/or webinars, space permitting, by paying to attend each session separately.

SNBC training includes: Case Planning & Ethics, Managing Hostile Interactions I & II, Mental Health & Addictions I & II, Healthy Workplace Boundaries, Motivational Interviewing, Effective Document & Report Writing, Cross Cultural Awareness, Trauma in the Homeless Sector, Working with Elderly Shelter Clients, Working with Transgendered Populations, Improving Performance, as well as special sessions for managers and non-profit board members. Please click here for the latest, most up-to-date list of upcoming SNBC training

SNBC training is specific to the homeless sector and is offered in all regions of the province.

SNBC is committed to enhancing the capacity of the homeless sector through training, dialogue, research, and the development of best practices.

SNBC training contributes to enhanced service provision and the standardization of best practices throughout the homeless sector.

SNBC provides training solutions to the homeless sector.


Applying for Membership with SNBC

Please click here to renew or apply for a new SNBC Membership online