Frequently Asked Questions

Training Solutions for the Homeless Sector

Q. Who is Shelter Net BC ?

A. Shelter Net BC is a provincial, membership driven organization whose purpose is to provide support to, and enhance the capacity of, organizations in British Columbia that serve the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.


Q. What is the role of Shelter Net BC?

A. Shelter Net BC provides training and networking opportunities to the emergency shelter sector and homeless programs in communities throughout the province of BC.


Q. Why should I become a member of SNBC?

A. Enhancing skills through training with front line staff provides a solid foundation for any agency. Networking with peers in the emergency shelter sector provides insight into  emergency shelter provision across the province and other service providers in your area resulting in more effective client referrals.  Membership also enables your organization to pay a fixed yearly fee for training, a discounted fee for the annual conference, access to our online training, and access to our provincial teleconferences & dialogues. For more benefits of membership, current membership fees and how to join, please see our membership area.


Q. What kind of training does Shelter Net BC offer?

A. Shelter Net BC offers a variety of high-quality trainings. Please see our training page for more information. We also offer online training for shelter workers for your convenience. Our annual conference includes an educational program of seminars, presentations and networking opportunities. View our conference page for more information.


Q. How do I sign up for training?

A. Our training calendar and schedule is available through the Training page.  Click “Register” beside the training you would like to attend and complete the following form.  We will send you a confirmation email when you have successfully registered.  All of our training information is kept up to date on our website. Please call us with any questions, anytime.


Q. How can I access the online training?

A. Each member organization will receive a username and password. This information will enable you to access our Online Training which will include: Case Planning, Motivational Interviewing, Healthy Workplace Boundaries and Problem Solving and Decision Making and Keeping Clients Housed from Conference 2012.  Contact your manager for the username and password if you think your organization is an SNBC member or contact us if you have any additional questions.


Q. What services other than training does Shelter Net BC provide?

A. SNBC provides information about the homeless sector throughout BC by conducting provincial teleconferences, surveying our membership and initiating research projects.  We welcome your feedback and hope to expand our services in the future.