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Jim Mandelin

Coordinator of Operations
Shelter Net BC Society


From June 1st 2015 to March 31st 2017 Jim Mandelin will be the Coordinator of Operations for Shelter Net BC. Jim was the administrative assistant for the past two years and will be able to meet all functions of SNBC and will be taking care of SNBC’s daily business. SNBC will not have a Executive Director during this time.

Shelter Net BC is a provincial, member-driven organization whose purpose is to provide training, networking, capacity building and research assistance to organizations throughout British Columbia that serve homeless and at-risk populations.

SNBC is committed to enhancing the capacity of the homeless sector through training, dialogue, research, and the development of best practices.

SNBC training contributes to enhanced service provision and the standardization of best practices throughout the homeless sector.

SNBC provides training solutions to the homeless sector.


Coordinator of Operations

Jim Mandelin Photo


Jim Mandelin

Coordinator of Operations
Shelter Net BC Society


Jim Mandelin, SNBC’s Coordinator of operations, has been named the 2015 Courage to Come Back Award recipient in the Social Adversity category. The 2015 Courage to Come Back Award Selection Committee recognized Jim for his contributions to educate students on youth gang recruitment, bullying prevention. Over the last two decades Jim has spoken to literally tens of thousands of students about his experience of being, abused as a child, living homeless as a youth in the downtown east-side, Vancouver becoming a drug addict/alcoholic recruited into a biker gang as a youth and how the gang leaders exploited him for their personal gain. Jim’s story is one of hope as his journey led him through addiction, homelessness, a near death experience and eventually to sobriety and giving back to his community. You can learn more about Jim by visiting his website at:  www.jimmandelin.ca.



Board of Directors

Erin Ferris Director
The Salvation Army Fort St John

Liz Talbott Director
New Opportunities for Women (NOW) Canada, Kelowna

Linda Fox Director
Lookout Society, Surrey

Don McTavish Director 
Cool-Aid Society, Victoria


Randy Benson

Kelowna Gospel Mission, Kelowna

Trudi Shymka

Vice President
The Bloom Group, Vancouver

Tamara Garreau

Cariboo Friendship Centre, Williams Lake

Kevin VanBuskirk

Covenant House, Vancouver